Pitch Coaching

Perfect pitch to investors

With over 15 years of experience and at least 10,000 Pitch Decks observed, over 95% were incomplete, and more than 60% were unprofessional.
It’s perfectly understandable that only 5% of projects receive funding.

What do you gain?

Receive exclusive and personal feedback on Investors Presentation and all of the documents for Investors. Learn what needs to be improved on before asking for the next investment round. Enhance skills and gain confidence before putting startup wheels on.

Maximise chances of hearing “YES"

Opportunities to present startups to dream Investors will be limited. Do not waste any of them, and be prepared for every Investor meeting. Better prepared founders always have better chances for success.

Show your strengths

All partners, especially shareholders, should have the best understanding of the strengths and weaknesses. During the Perfect Pitch Camp, shed more light on the bright side. It’s good to know strengths, but it’s even better to know how to highlight and talk about them.

Be prepared for all difficult questions

During business meetings, many questions will be asked. Since the startup company is beginning its business way, some will not be easy to answer. Best Founders are always prepared for them and can easily discuss the possible outcomes.

Get the confidence and build relations with Investors

After joining Perfect Pitch Camp, gain confidence and feel comfortable about the investment that will be offered on the market. Remember, that Investors are future partners. Building relationships from the very beginning would helps focus on business goals.

Get all the information needed

Information needed and where to find it will be shown. Sometimes the data needed may require some small purchases, but such investments more than pay for themselves in most cases. Reliable information is like a foundation on which the assumptions of the business model are based.

Help Investors to reach their goals

For many founders, Investors are like ATMs instead of long-term partners. Sometimes, it might be hard for them to believe in business ideas that are supposed to be worth a billion. The situation changes when VC’s are considering you as their new potential unicorn. After joining Perfect Pitch Camp, understand VC’s perspective and become more attractive to them.

Check your checklist

The financial world has its own rules. Therefore each Pitch Deck, Business plan, and other documents have to be prepared in particular ways. After Perfect Pitch Camp, know what information is needed to add to the set and how exactly it should be presented. See the essential checklist.

  • Team description and social profiles
  • Mission/Vision of the company
  • Real problem being solving
  • The solution to the problem market
  • Product characteristics
  • The customers
  • The technology
  • Competition benchmark
  • Traction
  • Business model
  • The marketing plan
  • Financials
  • Milestones roadmap
  • Capital structure
  • Current needs
  • Acceptable investment offer range
  • Features

    General Scoring (1-100 points)

    Reception desk with a tailored application funnel. It allows the most prospective projects and most skilled people. Use the most efficient assessment tools and procedures to invite the most qualified teams during registration.

    Deck Review

    Each of the slides will be reviewed including all numbers and all data shown. Receive feedback on changes that need to be done.

    All the tips that are required

    Receive feedback on information that is missing and what activities are needed to get a better valuation of the startup.

    Video presentation review

    The pitch will be reviewed and the project presentation will be discussed. The “first impression” effect, as well as formal and financial orders, will also be discussed.

    Consulting meetings

    Depending on the plan, as much time as needed will be spent to perfect your pitch.

    Excel review

    The excel will be reviewed to ensure there are no major errors and the output is clearly presented.


    Depending on the package, be able to improve subsequent versions of the pitch.

    Investment offer evaluation

    Get the basic understanding of what financing can be counted on.

    Access to Premium feedback tools

    A private collaboration platform to discuss every element in detail for feedback will be used. Get premium access to unlimited pins and comments on each document, screenshot, and landing page.


    How it works?

    1. Provide the most critical information, links, and documents
  • deck
  • excel
  • youtube clip
  • others
  • 2. Opening communication channel
    All information you receive is secured and stored on secure servers: email or virtual drivers data transfer.  
    Online meetings would take place on a Google Meet or a Zoom meeting. Pinhub Premium would be the collaboration platform for feedback and comments.
    3. The beginning of perfection
    Concentrate on building Your Unicorn.


    Deck Review & Scoring +3 top tips
    199 $
    • What do I need from you?
    • DECK FILE (max.24 Slides)


    399 $
    • What do I need from you?
    • DECK FILE (max.24 Slides)
    • +additionally:
    • Video of your presentation
    • Excel Calculations
    • Company Website
    • Pitch Deck review
    • General Scoring (1-100 points)
    • top 10 tips
    • 1 consulting meeting
    • video presentation review
    • excel review
    • strategic recommendations


    999 $
    • What do I need from you?
    • DECK FILE (max.24 Slides)
    • Video of your presentation
    • Excel Calculations
    • Company Website
    • +additionally:
    • Founders Social Media Profiles
    • Major Competition list (max 5)
    • Roadmap description (one-pager)
    • Live Online Pitch
    • Pitch Deck review
    • General Scoring (1-100 points)
    • all the tips that are required
    • up to 3 consulting meeting
    • video presentation review
    • excel review
    • up to 3 revisions
    • investment offer evaluation

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