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What exactly do I do?

With over 15 years in the Venture Capital industry, I’ve learned that every aspect of business matters. From project acquisition and its complexity to the difficulties of keeping projects flowing and scaling, to the critical importance of timely investment exits, I have experience with it all. Let me help you with this challenging journey and share my own experience

1. Improving your organisation

VC and Family Offices structures that comply with EU or Hong Kong norms and regulations. The company will have a legal right to allocate investors’ money in shares or stocks of other legal entities. Capital return rates, hurdle rates, and managers Carried Interest should be set, among other operational procedures. With that comes all necessary report structures to financial regulators and supervisors.

Over the last ten years, CVC fund activity has increased significantly. Toda, being a profitable company that concentrates on its product and clients, is not enough. Corporations constantly have to look around for new opportunities and rising stars. Due to that, they can maintain an appropriate level of innovation. It is also crucial to remain attractive to more professionals and customers.

Any investor needs to build a vivid environment around them. To have an investor that brings along some value-added is one of the most desirable elements for the shareholders and founders. Strengths will be highlighted and will become more visible to your new potential partners. Become distinctive and recognizable, and create an ecosystem to work within. Consider joining or even organising one of the branch events, focusing on social media, or building relations with partners and like-minded investors.

2. Improving the way to invest money

Active scouting of investment companies will attract the highest number of unique project submissions. Implementation of methods will help fill out the project funnel. It will include designed networking activities and marketing methods to communicate with the founders and CEOs. Sourcing projects not available at most industry conferences and events. Acquisition of new, often undiscovered Startups and Scale-ups, which so far remained outside the radar of the VC market.

It is essential to invest in the areas known best. It would be easier to get traction with portfolio companies with the proper support. Share knowledge with CEOs of companies invested in and unleash a higher valuation of investments. Build and diversify investment portfolios and harvest more profit from more experience. Through collaboration, receive access to all the methods and resources gathered through years of experience. Also, learn how to:
  • construct safe investment agreements
  • proceed with investment rounds,
  • set suitable goals and milestones for companies,
  • find out where and how to help assets to get better results,
  • recognize the key moments of investments

  • It’s not only about spreading the risk. It is also about inviting the right partners to your investments. Through collaboration, find out where to attract the best co-investors, to become one for any external investor. Needs and expectations from potential co-investment partners will be discussed. Work out common goals and responsibilities for each party. Remember that sometimes it is better to have a smaller piece of a bigger pie.

    3. Improving the way to build companies

    Preparation and coordination of acceleration programs. Program design, invitations for the mentors and project managers. Coordination of the development of a project. Active help with achieving their milestones, reaching the market, and first or following customers. Know how to recognize the essential needs of any company, team, or Founder, and help bring more significant value to the table. Using collaboration and marketing tools, get fast feedback from the market. After, it will be easier to point any project in the right direction.

    Active outlook on portfolio performance. A full scope of portfolio company’s financial and operational progress.
    Using VenturePI tools and solutions, knowing the current portfolio condition and in which direction it is heading will be easier. Due to a newly developed Dashboard Monitor, react quickly and precisely to any area of the prediction chart. Combine financial, operational, and sales information in one convenient cockpit that is always ready to lead you to the best conclusions.

    Every Startup or Scale-up needs to build its own unique and motivated team. Nowadays, it has become easier to accomplish that goal using modern methods. Thanks to such tools as CliftonStrengths Talent Assessment, define the potential of any small or medium-size company or project.
    And using hard skills assessment methods would be easier and faster to evaluate the potential outcome of any team.

    4. Improving the way to gain secure profits

    Many Venture Capital Funds concentrate solely on the building value processes. However, it is just as essential to focus on Exits. Knowing investments’ current value is wise and having constant access to your exit strategies with that approach. All possible exit scenarios during our collaboration will be discussed and a long-term plan for assets will be drawn up.
  • Pre IPO transactions
  • IPO
  • Industry investors exit
  • MBO’s.

  • Whether planning to reach the capital market or considering industry investors, there is always a need for showing off investments from the right angle. Prepare your companies for smooth market communication, and enable organisations to keep processes soft and successful.

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