Market Entry – EU

Import + Distribution

Start selling in Europe

Find the right partners, and open new distribution channels in Europe.

Get traction in the European Market. Learn about the consumers’ needs and expectations and build awareness of the product locally in Europe. It is never a sprint, but more like a marathon with support of:

Local Representative

Find a local sales representative. Avoid any time zone issues and language barriers. Get a dedicated, reliable specialist. Reach the market and its consumers with direct methods – as it is only possible.

Settle up a virtual or physical office

Settle a new ward or an entity legally authorised to operate among the European Union. Create either a legal entity, a branch, or even a virtual office. Receive and send correspondence from the EU area. From then on, operate within the local market efficiently. .
Main service areas:

  • Virtual office
  • Legal Entity based in Hong Kong
  • Finance compliance

  • Find reliable distributors and partners

    Networking with local distributors and partners. Organising meetings with distributors and their supervision. Monitoring and stimulating sales in target markets. Implementation of education programmes and distributors’ reporting.
    Main service areas:

  • List of potential clients
  • Distribution Contracts
  • Monitoring and stimulation of sales

  • Open E-commerce channels

    Set up an online store that effectively brings together local customers and clients. Prepare database, content, product descriptions, and appropriate procedures. Implement Online Payment and e-shop policies. Start selling products through e-stores and gain recognition in the market.
    Main service areas:

  • Building E-commerce channels such as e-shops
  • Content preparation
  • Product feeds management

  • Join most suitable marketplaces

    Join the largest marketplaces in Europe. Display products on price comparison websites and start selling on external platforms. Create affiliate programs and invite new partners to participate in them, facilitating sales on the local market.
    Main service areas:

  • Joining online marketplaces
  • Appearance at price comparison engines
  • Affiliate programs

  • Overcome any logistic matters

    Prepare your distribution centre in the EU. Ensure product availability for customers and partners. Build relationships with customers based on high-quality service.
    Main service areas:

  • Local storage
  • Customer service in local language
  • Product logistics

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